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Beware of this unscrupulous PayPal policy
The term "Back Up Funding" is an undisclosed PayPal trap!
And, it can cost you plenty. That's the way PayPal wants it.

The PayPal message below is a small part of the very "busy" PayPal payment screen. The "back-up" funding message appears to state that your bank account will be interrogated to determine if sufficient funds are available to pay for your eBay item. Presumably, after this interrogation, the designated "back-up" funding source would be charged.

Source of Funds
Instant Transfer:
$000.000 USD from bank of choice XXXXXXXXXX
Back Up Funding Source:

What actually happens is that your bank account will transact an e-Check with PayPal.
If there are insufficient funds in your bank account AND you did not click on the "More Funding Options" icon to avoid your checking account, then this e-Check will BOUNCE!

Our bank charges a $26 "return check fee" by US Mail plus $5 per diem fee after 5 days.
It is only when your e-Check bounces, that your "back-up" credit card is charged. It may take a week to receive your bank notice. Sundays and holidays count toward the per diem fee.

What is more compelling, is that you cannot change the "pay-by-bank-first" PayPal default.
There is no way in PayPal to always charge your credit card first.
You'll notice that this block is easy to miss - that's the way they want it at PayPal.

BEWARE    This PayPal trap can cost you a lot of cash!   BEWARE   
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